Prolog Training Business Skills

Instructor Led Business Skills Courses

We offer a range of online business skills courses, covering such topics as leadership, management skills, customer service, productivity and problem resolution. Most courses are one day in duration, and all are delivered by top rate instructors with many years' experience of working with large national and multi-national corporations.

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Communication Skills Courses

Whether verbal or written, face to face or remote, getting your message across clearly and in the right way is key to achieving a good outcome.

Customer Service Courses

The best way to ensure your clients or customers stay with you is to treat them well. Our courses will show you how to provide a good service, manage relationships, and even how to deal with difficult situations.

Leadership Skills Courses

A lucky few have natural leadership abilities, but for most of us it takes practice. Our courses cover some of the key skills required.

Managing People

It takes a whole raft of skills to be a good people manager. Here's a selection of courses that should help.


How do you avoid meetings from becoming unproductive talking shops? Should you hold a meeting at all? If you do, what's the best way to ensure actions are carried out and followed up?


A good plan helps everyone to understand objectives, and should set out achievable goals and realistic timescales. Idea Mapping helps to organise information and can form the basis of a good plan.

Presentation & Training Skills

Our presentation skills courses can show you how to make your presentations more engaging and impactful, and help to overcome a fear of speaking to an audience.

Problem Resolution

Sometimes, difficult situations can occur. Having the right skills to deal with them can go a long way to reaching the best possible outcome.

Process Management

Having well structured, clearly defined processes helps everything run smoothly. We have three courses focused on the key areas of change management, event management, and workflow.

Project Management

There are three project management courses to choose from, depending upon the depth to which you wish to cover the subject. Fundamentals is a 1 day course for people who only need to manage projects on an informal basis. Essentials is a 3 day course for regular project managers and covers the main aspects of project management, and Professional is a 5 day in depth course which covers the standards acknowledged by the Project Management Institute.

We also offer courses for Microsoft Project.

See Microsoft Project Courses

Sales & Marketing

With the right techniques, you can increase sales without resorting to hard sales tactics. Our courses can help you to master marketing, selling and negotiating.

Self Development

There are many ways to develop your abilities. Here are a few to consider.

Key Features

  • Training is delivered online with a live instructor
  • Most courses are 1 day in duration


1 Day Courses

All one day business skills courses are £850 for up to 10 delegates + £50 per additional delegate, excluding VAT.

With 10 people on a course, that's just £85 each!

Customer Comments

"We have worked with Prolog Training as a delivery partner for a few years and recently this has expanded into soft skills training and coaching as they understand our business and operational priorities. I have been delighted with their approach and the practical skills delivered. We would definitely use this service again."
A Morris
Executive Coaching, Time Management, Personal Effectiveness & Communication Skills courses.
"Informative and motivating. The trainer was very engaging and involved us in the training rather than talking at us. Overall, the customer service at Prolog is excellent. I would definitely recommend them for your training requirements."
L Anderson
Train the Trainer & Minute Taking courses.
"Recommend this course to all that have the needs to do report writing."
K Allison
Report Writing
"Very helpful course covering a range of management techniques."
M Williamson
Managing People
"The course was a fantastic introduction for me personally. I took a lot away from the sessions and will be implementing them in my projects going forward."
H Simpson
Project Management Fundamentals
"Really good training session telling me all I need to know about minute taking, learnt a lot from the session."
M Pickering
Minute Taking
"The course refreshed my current understanding and has helped me to re-evaluate my approach to difficult conversations. "
P Sears
Managing Difficult Conversations
"The course was very good and fully met my needs and requirements."
L Taylor
Effective Communication Skills
"Great course and really enjoyed it. Feel like I really interacted and took a lot from the course."
M Morris
Business Etiquette / Email Etiquette
"It was a very informative training session - very good over zoom. The instructor was extremely knowledgeable."
J Barr
Effective Time Management
"Going forward in my career I know everything I learnt today will be very valuable and will help to develop my overall communication skills."
C Gavin
Managing Difficult Conversations
"Great training session with lots of useful hints and tips on minute taking thank you!"
C Hoyland
Minute Taking
"Feel like I have a good grasp on what is required to take minutes"
L Foyle
Minute Taking
"Amazing - a really great course."
L Williamson
Effective Time Management
"Nice delivery and depth to the training."
B Bartlett
Project Management Fundamentals
"Helped me see the importance of seeing a situation from someone else's perspective."
H Ogilby
Communicating Difficult Messages
"I found this course very useful and it will definitely help me in my day to day work. A lot of good tips and tricks were given that I didn't know before."
E Price
Effective Time Management
"The instructor was really useful and knowledgeable. He helped us on what will work for our organisation and gave us a way of working/next steps following the training which we will be able to put to use."
M Parry
Project Management Fundamentals
"Would recommend this course."
L Beddall
Minute Taking
"Fantastic course and delivered extremely well."
D Remmer
Report Writing
"The instructor delivered this course brilliantly as he has with previous courses I have attended. He has extensive knowledge of the subject he is training on. "
Communicating Difficult Messages
"Some great ideas to help you be more effective in your working day that I have already started to utilise."
C Longley
Effective Time Management
"The instructor has been so helpful and has a really encouraging way of training. Would definitely recommend this course."
G McGeoch
Report Writing