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Workplace Training, Offsite Training or Public Courses?

This article weighs the relative merits of three forms of computer training to help you decide which is best for you.

Workplace Training

Workplace training is the provision of a training course for a closed group of people from the same organisation at their normal place of work. Workplace training is ideal for organisations which have a number of people all needing training on the same subject. These are the main advantages:

The downside of workplace training is that delegates are more easily interrupted by colleagues or "business as usual" work demands, which sometimes leads to them returning late from breaks. This reduces the effectiveness of the training for them, and can also be distracting for other delegates on the course.

Offsite Training

Offsite training is where training is provided for a closed group of people from the same organisation, but not at their normal place of work – such as a training centre or nearby hotel. The advantages are similar to those for workplace training:

Though more expensive than workplace training, offsite training can be the most cost effective solution for organisations who don't have suitable premises of their own to host a training session.

Public Courses

Public courses are courses that can be booked by individual members of the public. A single public course is usually attended by people from different organisations. These are the advantages:

But there are significant downsides to choosing public courses, which are:


Weigh up the pro's and con's of each option to determine which offers the best training solution for your requirements, but as a general rule we would recommend that if you are an individual looking for a course for yourself and you have a limited budget, then a public course is probably the best option. If you are an organisation which needs to arrange training for two or more staff, it is probably best to choose workplace training if you have the facilities, or offsite training if you don't.

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