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Standard Courses

Our standard courses are designed to teach delegates a comprehensive understanding of each subject from the very basics up to advanced level, focusing on the features that are most likely to be required:

Introduction courses teach delegates the basic essentials of the subject. We specialise in helping people who lack confidence in a subject and who may not be looking forward to taking a training course. There's no test or exam - instead, we use exercises that each delegate can work through at their own pace, with the trainer on hand to help if anyone gets stuck.

In Intermediate courses, delegates build on the basics and learn how to increase their understanding and productivity.

In Advanced courses, delegates learn how to master the more complex features of the application and become power users.

Tailored Courses

If you can't find a standard course that exactly meets your needs, we can put together a tailor made course that's just right for you.

You can build your own unique course by choosing any number of modules from our standard courses. For example, you may want a mixture of modules from our standard Introduction and Intermediate courses - though we wouldn't advise mixing Introduction modules and Advanced modules.

Drop-In Sessions

If a number of people each have different queries to resolve, drop-in sessions may be the answer. Rather than teaching a set course in a classroom environment, the trainer holds a series of short consultations with individual people.


Workshops are ideal for people who need to learn a limited set of features, or perhaps need help completing a specific task such as preparing an important presentation before a deadline. The trainer works with the individual or group as an advisor, explaining and demonstrating best practice techniques.

Floor Walking

Floor Walking is a service where one or more experienced trainers are made available to walk around your offices resolving problems and dealing with queries. It's an ideal way to follow up a major new installation or upgrade project.

Users often find using a new system for the first time quite daunting. You're likely to get a flood of calls to your helpdesk causing delays in response times and leading to frustrated, unhappy users. Our Floor Walking service helps you avoid this situation by providing one or more extra staff with expert knowledge to resolve the issues more quickly during this critical period.

Project Assist

Need a helping hand with a large Microsoft training project? Then our Project assist service is for you. We can help with planning, performing a needs analysis, scheduling, customising courses, creating handouts and presentations, delivering presentations, monitoring results, and creating reports. In fact, we can help with pretty much any aspect of your training project. Just tell us what you need!

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"Many thanks for all your help – can't believe arranging training for 33 employees has been so easy!"
L Ross
"We were really impressed by the courses, the trainers and the way everything was organised."
N Hurd
"A very productive day covering Word, Outlook and Powerpoint. We all picked up some very useful tips."
A Jones - Microsoft Training, London